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We deliver AI conferences to:

  • To the Board of Directors the company to get them up to speed on the world of AI, how it will impact their business and what the competition in their sector is doing.
  • To the management team to have a strategic vision of AI, with a clear vision of what AI is, how it will evolve in 3-5 years, success stories by sector, how to implement it in their company and what challenges they will face, ethical, security and skills implications.
  • To the whole company to raise awareness throughout the organization of the importance of AI, how to use it correctly without harming the company, how it will help them to be more productive and what is the future of AI.


We give totally practical workshops based on the 'learn by doing' methodology so that the attendees know how to apply it correctly.

  • Managers to know how to manage and apply it effectively in their jobs and see the potential in their different departments.
  • Team leaders to learn how to improve their productivity, how to manage hybrid teams, and how their own department can improve productivity.
  • Team to learn about productivity with AI, Sales with AI, Office automation with AI, etc...

Customized projects

We have more than 34 years of experience developing Digital Transformation projects and we are Certified in Digital Culture Change Management to achieve continuous change in organizations minimizing resistance to change and creating a culture of digital resilience and collaborative innovation.

We have experience in multiple sectors and we adapt to the size and specific needs of each company.

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AI - Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence represents the next evolutionary step in the digital transformation process that is redefining companies, individuals and society as a whole. At Soluciona Fácil, we have created a unique methodology, HDIC (Human ∞ Digital ∞ Inner Connect), which is based on our extensive exp…

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AI Artificial Intelligence
Connecting the human and the digital. Humanizing AI 🇺🇸 🇪🇸 | Keynote Speaker | Technological innovator 34 years of professional career with experience in Digital Transformation and Change Management Digital Culture. AI International Speaker * 🇪🇸 Speaker at the 52nd International Driving S…