We offer a range of training solutions at different levels to suit your company's organization chart.

We deliver all our training in company and in classroom format, online Live* and Bendled* (mixed).

* We have our own online platform.

Management Team

Short, high-impact trainings where we look for strategic vision at a managerial level, how to measure the impact of your organization, how to structure this type of change in your organization, how to lead your teams and how to apply the contents in your particular case.

Middle Management


In these Executive Programs for Sales and Export Management, we want you to learn how to apply the Social Selling methodology in a practical way, have a strategic vision, identify the necessary KPIs, interpret them, manage them and how to lead hybrid teams.


In the Marketing Management Executive Program we seek to have a strategic vision of all areas of LinkedIn Marketing, to know how to select and execute the best strategy for your company, how to apply the different options that LinkedIn offers to improve the recognition of your company and impact the people you are really interested in.

  • Executive Program B2B Marketing Management on LinkedIn


In this short, high-impact Executive Program (more than 40 editions delivered internationally), where we show a strategic vision of the hybrid salesperson, how to measure each of our actions, how to implement the Social Selling methodology in our own sales process and apply it in a real way.

Brand Ambassadors / Employee Advocacy

Increase your team's involvement and turn your employees and collaborators into your best brand ambassadors. [request information]