72 hours 3 months English and Spanish World and Live online
Practical Workshop Executive Blended Methodology
"It's all about trying things and seeing if they work."
- Ray Bury

Professionalize the use of LinkedIn for Business with all the possibilities and tools available.


The irruption of digital by customers is already inevitable, in the world of B2B companies and businesses this impact has been even more important.

Customer relationships have changed to a digital and hybrid model, affecting the way we impact them, contact them and manage the relationship.

LinkedIn has positioned itself as the ideal platform to impact decision makers and the best social network for B2B customer conversion.

No company can ignore its presence on this professional platform and it is necessary to take advantage of all the potential it offers.

Addressed to

  • Marketing Management
  • Digital Marketing Area

‌The program has been designed to provide the tools, knowledge, skills and strategic vision to those responsible for the Digital Marketing Area who must apply LinkedIn in their own companies, and to the people in the team who are or will be responsible for leading the LinkedIn professional platform to achieve their Marketing, Talent and/or business objectives for their organizations.

Excluded: Marketing and/or LinkedIn Consultants and Agencies, and training companies.


Virtual classroom, from 15:00 to 18:00 hours Spain, 8am-11am Guatemala, 9am-12 Miami.

March 7, 8, 14, 15, 15, 21 and 22

April 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th, 25th and 26th.

May 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, 17th, 23rd, 24th, 30th and 31st.


Unit 1. Strategy

1. LinkedIn Corporate Strategy

2. Customer Experience on LinkedIn

Unit 2. Content Marketing

3. B2B Content Marketing

4. B2B Storytelling

Unit 3. Sales

5. Advertising Campaigns

6. Prospecting on LinkedIn for B2B business generation.

7. B2B Neuromarketing

8. Inbound Marketing applied to LinkedIn

9. Talent, The Happy Organization

10. Social Selling and Brand Ambassadors

Trainers' Staff

(working professionals)

  • Javier Martin Aldea - Customer Experience Expert
  • Pedro Bermejo - President of the Spanish Association of Neuroeconomics
  • Esmeralda Díaz-Aroca - Consultant in Digital Strategy, Personal Branding and Social Selling
  • Elia Guardiola - Storytelling and StoryExperience, Copywriting and Narrative, Emotional and Experiential Marketing
  • Roberto Espinosa - CEO Espinosa Consultores | Digital and Strategic Marketing | Consultant | Writer
  • Ramiro Sueiro - Founder partner & CMO at Gestazión | Consultant | Writer
  • Mike O'Neil - 2x Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencer - Top 15 LinkedIn Expert in Spain
  • Marcos Martínez Jurado - Expert Consultant in Human Resources, Positive Psychology and Organizational Psychology
  • David M Calduch - Top 50 European Social Selling Professionals

Blended methodology

Our trainings are based on Practical Workshops where we transmit the new knowledge and make it practical and applicable through action. At the same time we combine the best features of different technologies to increase and accelerate the learning process and knowledge assimilation.

What our clients say

David is a great professional. The enthusiasm with which he transmits his knowledge is contagious to his students, so that any training undertaken by him is a sure success. If you are thinking of working with him, don't hesitate to call him now!
- Senior Marketing Manager Software Autodesk
David, has extensive experience in Communication, Branding and Social Selling. He is an excellent teacher and professional, very clear and detailed in his presentations.
- Marketing & Graphic Design
Learning Social Selling from the best is a luxury that I have not let go! The course given by David at ESIC is without a doubt the best tool to be able to reach and capture the attention of new clients. David is a great teacher, his practical and easy to understand message helps you get excited and develop the digital channel of your company. I am looking forward to new Social Selling courses to deepen what I have learned.
- Marketing and Sales Manager


  1. LinkedIn Corporate Strategy
    To have a global vision of LinkedIn for the company at the level of all the functions, tools and possibilities it offers.
    Develop your own LinkedIn strategic plan based on the ABM model.
    LinkedIn Corporate Strategy
    LinkedIn Strategy Map
    LinkedIn Corporate Strategy
    Company self-analysis
    AI applied to LinkedIn Corporate
    LinkedIn Corporate Tools
    Competitor analysis
    Tools for Marketing, Talent and Sales
    TRAINER: David M Calduch, International Expert in Change Management Digital Culture, Top 50European SocialSelling Professionals
  2. Customer experience on LinkedIn
    Learn how we can move forward in real practice with Customer Experience Management or User Experience Management.
    Manage and take advantage of the keys to offer our customers and users a loyalty experience.
    Take away ideas and tips to immediately put into practice opportunities for improvement in our user experience management.
    To move forward in having satisfied, loyal and proactive customers: from having customers to having fans.
    The concept of Customer Experience Management or User Experience Management
    The emotions of customers and users are the key to customer loyalty.
    How we can work in practice with the customer-user experience approach
    The CPV concept - Customer Perceived Value
    The key determinants of Customer Experience and how we can work on them
    Practical application exercises of each participant to their own real-life case studies.
    The concept of Moments of Truth as an idea and as a practical work proposal.
    Our front-office and back-office working aligned together for an integral experience of the service processes.
    The concept of NPS in Customer Loyalty: The memory we leave the customer with each contact.
    Exercises of practical applications of each participant to their own real case studies.
    See how the network and networks are integrated today in our Customer Experience Management.
    Exercises of practical applications of each participant to their own real case studies.
    Empathy and its forms of expression in customer service.
    Some examples and tips for customer communication skills.
    Summary and conclusions
    TRAINER: Javier Martin Aldea, Customer Experience Expert.
  3. B2B Neuromarketing
    To understand the processes by which human beings make decisions.
    To understand the most important cognitive biases and use them to achieve a competitive advantage.
    To understand cognitive phenomena such as attention, memory and concentration and their importance in economics.
    To know how hormones and external phenomena influence our behavior.
    Decision making. Brain functioning.
    Cognitive biases: herd effect, halo, priming and Goggle.
    Interpretation of quantities and colors.
    Memory and attention phenomena.
    Risk version, fear and relationship with the comfort zone.
    Application of cognitive biases to marketing campaigns.
    TRAINER: Pedro Bermejo, President of the Spanish Association of Neuroeconomics, Director at UCB Translational Medicine Neuroscience.
  4. B2B Content Marketing
    Generate brand awareness, attract qualified leads, enhance brand reputation and authority, generate sales opportunities, support the B2B buying cycle, encourage interaction and engagement, and measure and optimize performance.
    Increase brand awareness among the B2B target audience, educating them about the products or services offered. In addition, the aim is to attract and convert potential B2B customers into qualified leads through relevant content. Furthermore, the goal is to establish the brand as a reference and expert in its industry by creating and sharing high quality content.
    The program also seeks to generate sales opportunities, providing information for informed decisions. In addition, it seeks to guide B2B buyers throughout the buying cycle, from demand generation to customer retention. In addition, the interaction and engagement of companies with the brand is encouraged through interactive content and participation in social networks. Finally, metrics and analysis are established to measure and optimize program performance, adjusting the strategy according to the results obtained.
    Types of posts on LinkedIn: blogging and microblogging
    The metrics of a publication and the network of contacts.
    How LinkedIn's algorithm works when publishing.
    The importance of VISUAL.
    Types of content formats most useful on LinkedIn.
    Structure of a perfect post.
    How to write on LinkedIn: the art of copy.
    How to share corporate content to generate greater reach.
    Content Strategy : Permanent visibility: Own content and third-party content
    Tools for designing your own content to help generate more engagement
    How to locate good content in third-party sources
    The importance of HASHTAGS
    When to post on LinkedIn (Best times, Best days)
    Reviewing metrics of publications (Interaction, Engagement, Reach)
    TRAINER: Esmeralda Díaz-Aroca, Digital Strategy, Personal Branding and Social Selling Consultant
  5. B2B Storytelling
    To understand how to create the most powerful way to create stories that our customers remember and to know how to apply it in the particular case of our company.
    How to use Storytelling as an emotional communication tool to create memorable experiences.
    How to move from Storytelling to StoryExperience through content on LinkedIn.
    Steps to create a powerful Storytelling in our website, our emails, and especially in our LinkedIn profile and in the content strategy of the platform.
    How to use storytelling in our online business.
    How to use Copywriying to sell more and better on LinkedIn.
    How to create an excellent Elevator Pitch through persuasive narrative generating a communicative impact.
    Motivational Push.
    TRAINER: Elia Guardiola, Storytelling and Story Experience. Copywriting and Narrative. Emotional and Experiential Marketing. Consultant, teacher and international speaker.
  6. Prospecting on LinkedIn for B2B business generation.
    To equip participants with advanced skills to effectively leverage the LinkedIn platform for B2B prospecting.
    Introduction to B2B prospecting on LinkedIn.
    Mastering advanced search:.
    Personalizing profiles to attract leads.
    Personalized connection strategies.
    Designing effective prospecting funnels.
    Creating and optimizing connection sequences.
    Advanced LinkedIn Conversation Techniques.
    Transitioning to Qualified Sales Interviews.
    Key metrics for performance evaluation.
    Integration with B2B sales strategies:
    Practical application and case studies.
    Trainer: Mike O'Neil - 2x Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencer - Top 15 LinkedIn Expert in Spain 2023 (Session with double Zoom in English and another Zoom with simultaneous translation).
  7. Advertising Campaigns
    Understand how the LinkedIn Ads advertising platform works.
    Learn to differentiate each type of campaign and its possible objectives.
    Know how to analyze campaigns, planning and launching to achieve our goals.
    LinkedIn Ads Platform
    Types of Campaigns and Types of Objectives
    Audience Analysis and Forecast Analysis
    Design and planning of a campaign from zero to its launching
    Analysis and metrics
    Third party tools for tracking and analysis
    TRAINER: Roberto Espinosa, CEO Espinosa, Consultants |Digital and Strategic Marketing |Consultant |Writer
  8. Inbound Marketing applied to LinkedIn
    To acquire the necessary skills to carry out attraction strategies based on B2B content, which maximize the reach and capture of leads on LinkedIn.
    Key concepts of Inbound Marketing
    LinkedIn as a platform for B2B Inbound Marketing
    Creating and optimizing a B2B Inbound Marketing Strategy on LinkedIn
    Useful tools for Inbound Marketing on LinkedIn
    TRAINER: Ramiro Sueiro, Founder partner & CMO at Gestazión
  9. Talent, Happy Organizations with Values
    To raise awareness about the importance of context change and the need to move towards the concept of a healthy organization.
    To discover the main values and benefits of positive organizational behavior.
    To develop a Positive Leadership style to strengthen a 'People Centric', ethical and productive strategy.
    To provide positive work tools for today's organization.
    Change as a way of life today.
    What do professionals ask from companies today?
    Values and benefits of a healthy organization.
    Corporate well-being and Organizational Happiness.
    Positive Leadership for success.
    Where are we headed?
    TRAINER: Marcos Martínez Jurado, Expert Consultant in Human Resources, Positive and Organizational Psychology.

Social Selling and Brand Ambassadors
What is the Social Selling methodology, what does it consist of and what real impact can it have on our company within LinkedIn for both brand recognition and sales generation.
How to promote a Social Selling and Brand Ambassadors project in our company.
What is Social Selling and its 4 Pillars.
How to apply the Social Selling methodology in the company.
Designing a Brand Ambassadors plan
KPIs for measuring Social Selling and Brand Ambassadors.
TRAINER: David M Calduch, International Expert in Change Management Digital Culture, Top 50European Social Selling Professionals


The B2B Marketing Management Executive Program on LinkedIn combines several learning methodologies to ensure the assimilation of the contents and help enhance the development of the participants, both in terms of knowledge, skills and tools. Participants will work in interactive sessions, individually and in groups, with management skills workshops.

This program has been designed as a step-by-step guide so that participants can apply the knowledge acquired to their own positions and companies and achieve the desired transformation.

In addition to providing theoretical knowledge, we have adopted a practical approach in all sessions so that participants can experience the learning process through "learning by doing".

In this way, they will be able to put into practice what they have learned and see concrete results in their jobs and businesses.

We strive to provide our participants with the tools and guidance necessary for them to achieve success and excellence in their careers and businesses.


Our faculty is composed of working professionals, experts in their respective fields and with extensive professional experience.

All of them have demonstrated their ability and knowledge throughout their careers and are willing to share their knowledge and skills with program participants.

In addition to having a solid academic background, our professionals have worked in different companies and sectors, which has allowed them to acquire a broad and diverse vision of the business world.

They are committed to the professional development of our students and are willing to provide the necessary support and guidance to help them achieve their goals.

David M. Calduch, International Expert in Change Management Digital Culture, Top 50European Social Selling Professionals
Expert in digital transformation and change culture: take your company to the next level with consulting in digital business models and emerging technologies such as Web3,blockchain, metaverse and NFT.
With more than 30 years of professional experience developing Digital Transformation projects and more than 20,000 hours of training in Universities and Business Schools in Spain and LATAM, international speaker and TEDx speaker.
Founder of 3 companies, writer of 6 books.
He has more than 400 customer reviews on his LinkedIn profile.
Top 50 European Social Selling Professionals

Elia Guardiola, Spain's leading expert in Storytelling and Story Experience.
Founder of StoryEmotion School and Director of this Master. Specialized in Emotional Marketing, Storytelling, Copywriting and Content Marketing. Lecturer at international universities, business schools and media companies. International speaker.
She has been dedicated to Tourism Marketing for 20 years, having been Director of several Hotels and leading the Marketing,Communication and Commercialization of more than 100 hotels.
In 2018 she was named one of the 15 most influential people in Digital Marketing in Spanish-speaking countries. She has created the 4Pillars Theory of Emotional Marketing and her own methodology to create Storytelling through personal emotional SWOT applying emotional intelligence. Entrepreneur, irreverent and passionate to the core.
"If you want something to be remembered, turn it into a story." - Michael Connelly, best-selling author of mystery and crime novels."

Esmeralda Díaz Aroca, 15 years of experience in Strategy and Branding at LinkedIn.
Digital Strategy, Personal Branding and Social Selling Consultant. Managing Partner of www.diazarocayasociados.com
Co-founder of the startup www.blogsterapp.com
More than 25 years of experience in Marketing and Sales in the INSURANCE sector.
She has worked as Marketing Director and Communication Director in multinational and national companies of various insurance companies: AEGON, Argentaria (now BBVA), CASER and REALE.
Professor at Instituto de Empresa, Cunef and La Salle BusinessSchool, Lecturer, Master in Commercial and Marketing Management at Instituto de Empresa, Doctor of Science at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
Writer: "How to have a 10 profile on LinkedIn" and co-author of "Marketing and SMEs", "Twitter for lawyers", and "Social Selling, the new sales tool".
One of the leading experts on LinkedIn and B2B Marketing in Spain.

Roberto Espinosa, CEO Espinosa Consultores |Digital and Strategic Marketing |Consultant |Writer
Roberto Espinosa is a specialist in Marketing and Digital Business. He has developed his professional career always linked to the world of marketing and sales, holding positions of responsibility in these areas. He is currently Managing Director of Espinosa Consultores, a consulting firm and agency specializing in marketing and digital strategy, with clients in more than 7 countries.
He has managed and worked on more than 100 marketing-related projects in different sectors and industries: food, digital, distribution, consumer, transport, commerce, tourism and services, among others.
Guest professor at universities and business schools of recognized prestige such as ESIC Business & Marketing School, CEU or UCV Inede Business School among others.
As an author, he is a regular contributor to various magazines and digital portals in the business and marketing world, such as Forbes magazine, Marketing Directo, PuroMarketing or Marketing+Ventas.
In addition to writing in the marketing blog www.robertoespinosa.es, he is co-author of the books "Marketing y Pymes" "Twitter para Abogados" and "100 Marcas Valencianas con lasque aprender".

Marcos Martínez Jurado, Expert Consultant in Human Resources, Positive and Organizational Psychology.
Training Director and University Professor. Psychologist. Lecturer, Executive Trainer and Professional Coach.
For more than twenty years, he has been professionally dedicated to the world of Organizations, Talent Management and Human Resources. His priority has always been people and business development from the areas of Training and Selection.
As an in-company executive trainer, he has shared his skills training programs with thousands of professionals and users, to date, with whom he has learned and grown. His areas of expertise revolve around the field of Organizational Psychology and transversal skills: Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Leadership, Motivation, Decision Making, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, Sales, Human Resources, Professional Counseling, Work Psychology and Positive Psychology Applied to Business.
Executive Coach, Expert in Positive and Organizational Psychology.

Pedro Bermejo, President Spanish Association of Neuroeconomics, Director at UCB Translational Medicine Neuroscience
Pedro Bermejo is a neurologist and doctor in neuroscience, with clinical experience in several hospitals and current medical director of a pharmaceutical company. Founder and former president of the Spanish Association of Neuroeconomics,
Founder of several companies and professor of neuromarketing and neurofinance at several Spanish universities and business schools. Author of the books "Neuroeconomics, how companies think", "Rich brain, poor brain", "Your money and your brain" and "The investor's brain".
Scientist, expert in applied neuroscience.

Ramiro Sueiro, Founder partner & CMO at Gestazión
Digital marketer...Founder partner and chief marketing officer at Gestazión (www.gestazion.com), where I define digital marketing, loyalty and business gamification strategies for large clients such as Unilever, Banco Santander, Securitas Direct, Repsol, Merck, Ecovidrio, Bridgestone, Mattel or Unidad Editorial among others.
Convinced that teaching is the best way to learn...
More than 15 years teaching marketing, communication and digital business development in universities and business schools. Currently professor, tutor and academic director of the Digital Marketing area at The Valley Digital Business School, where I have been awarded as best program director for several consecutive years.
Always looking for new projects...
Entrepreneur and mentor of entrepreneurs. I am passionate about creating and helping to create and grow viable digital businesses and products.
Expert in...Digital Marketing // Loyalty // Inbound Marketing // SocialMedia Marketing // Gamification // Lean Methodology // CRO / //Digital Business Development // Digital Product Development